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Mistakes Made By People are Forgivable

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In a previous post, I emphasized the importance of rigorous, controlled testing when assessing the potential of content analytics. This is especially important for content classification when it is being used to replace human decision-making.  My broader point  in that post was that when adopting new technology, you can’t rely on the qualititative perception of the skeptical observer.

A similar topic, that of adoption of technology in the legal profession, came up at the keynote to LegalTech last week. Law.com recounts Dr. Lisa Sanders’ response, which was far more eloquent than my post so I wanted to pass it along here:

During the question-and-answer session, Kelley Drye & Warren Practice Development Manager Jennifer Topper asked the panel how to convince litigators to use tools like technology and decision trees, repeatable processes that can help make handling similar cases more efficient.

It’s a long process of changing attitudes within a corporate culture, Dr. Sanders said. “Mistakes made by a computer or guideline live forever in the minds of people watching them. Mistakes made by people are forgivable.”

I guess that’s why she writes for the New York Times . . .

(the LegalTech keynote has been quite the blogging gift this week. Maybe I should volunteer to staff the IBM booth next year and get the scoop first hand)


Written by Josh Payne

February 10, 2010 at 9:52 pm

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