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Throwing disk at the problem isn’t the long term solution

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Last week I gave 8 talks on the topic of content analytics over the course of 2 regional marketing events in Washington DC and Atlanta. Having given that many talks on related topics so frequently in such a short time period, I found myself locking in on a few key statistics and facts, and I was reminded of that fact as I read Craig Rhinehart’s most recent missive on his blog. In my talks last week I similarly made the point that the “save everything” ethos described by Craig is losing steam. Why? The cost of storage isn’t dropping as quickly as the information is being generated. Organizations are coming to the realization that it’s simply not cost effective to ‘throw storage’ at the problem. The statistic I found myself using repeatedly last week was cited in a recent Forrester blog posting


It’s no surprise that Forrester clients report their storage capacity requirements are growing 20% to 40% each year. Storage costs have grown to 17% of the IT hardware budget, up from 10% in 2007.

That jump from 10% to 17% is what I found myself repeating last week. Cost per GB is going down every year. But organizations keep on spending more and more of their budget on keeping stuff. Throwing more storage at the problem (and avoiding the cause) has simply led to increased costs across the board. Not the hallmark of an effective, long-term solution.


Written by Josh Payne

May 10, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Posted in Content Assessment

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